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Small-Group Online English Classes.

A part of our Ideal English Fluency Program, you will participate in two 1-hour online conversation classes a week. These classes are conducted by one of our native-English-speaking mentors. There will be only 3-5 students in a class, as this is the optimal class size for online language courses.

A Great English Mentor Is Key to Your Success

I have a Ph.D in English from a top American university. I graduated with honours in an unusually quick time. I know all aspects of English grammar, rhetoric, linguistics, and post-structural theory. But I also know that my success as an English teacher has far more to do with my ability to interest, engage, and motivate students than it has with my academic abilities.

A good English teacher needs to know his/her subject; a great English teacher needs to be able motivate students to become fluent.


How I Choose Your English Mentor

I am very particular about what qualities your English mentor should have. I have dedicated most of my adult life to teaching English, and I know that most English “teachers” have no business being in the classroom. With my extensive connections in the American and British university systems and the fact that Ideal English pays its mentors more than any other ESL program, I can guarantee you that you will only have the best English mentors available. I personally evaluate each mentor, and I only hire the best.

As a participant in the Ideal English Fluency Program, you will benefit from two sessions a week with a highly-skilled English mentor who will help guide, encourage, and motivate you on your path to English fluency.

You should know that your English mentor will change every month. I know that some students don’t like this, but it’s an essential part of your path to fluency. Being fluent means dealing with different accents and different personalities; having the same mentor through your course of study often leads to the situation where a student is able to speak English comfortably and fluently with their teacher but freeze when talking to somebody new. Changing mentors solves this problem early on.

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