How To Improve Your English Vocabulary

Expanding your vocabulary is an essential part of becoming fluent in English.

Having a large English vocabulary makes achieving fluency easier. The more words you know, the more concise you can be (you will usually be able to say the same thing with fewer words). Improving your English vocabulary doesn’t have to be scary, and there is one certain way to improve it: to constantly read and/or listen, something that is an important part of my Ideal English Fluency Program. But to help things along, I have created a video series called DAILY WORDS, a program that speeds up the process of learning and REMEMBERING important English words.
In my DAILY WORDS videos, I focus on vocabulary that is essential to being fluent in English (and if you don’t know the difference between essential and necessary, I have a video that deals with it). I focus on the most common usages of the words, and I explain them using interesting, memorable graphics and sentences,

Here are some examples:


The most effective way to use DAILY WORDS is this very simple three-step process:

1. Watch the video three times, reading the sentences and looking at the photos.

The more parts of the brain that are engaged in learning something, the better chance we have of understanding and remembering it. The DAILY WORDS videos engage the visual, the language, and the auditory parts of the brain.

2. Create two sentences for each word form that are specifically related to you.

We are all egocentric. Our brains are hardwired to value information that is specifically to do with us. When we create sentences that are about ourselves (for example, that pile of dirty clothes in your bedroom or the stack of papers that are always on your desk), we are almost certain to remember them.

3. Repeat your created sentences throughout the day.

This practice reinforces #2. Each day, we are inundated  with more information than we can process or store. As a result, our brain places a higher value on information that keeps coming up, so English words that occur frequently are more likely to be remembered.

An English Bonus!

In addition to improving your English vocabulary, doing these three steps with DAILY WORDS videos will also improve your English grammar. Without any extra work!

You can’t beat that.

How Many English Words
Should I Learn A Day?

Remember: the path to English fluency is a marathon, not a 100m sprint. For most people, three or four DAILY WORDS videos a week is about right (with the other 3 days repeating what you have learned). If you are studying for the IELTS or the TOEFL, then two or three videos a day would be ideal.

Final Thoughts

Effectively improving you English vocabulary is esential for you to reach your goal of English fluency. Followed properly, DAILY WORDS will definitely help you improve your English. I invest a lot of time, energy, money, and knowledge providing valuable free English resources on both my Facebook page and my Youtube channel. All that I ask in return is that you follow, subscribe, like, comment, and share if these resources are interesting and helpful to you.


If you are a highly motivated person who is serious about improving your English, read more about my effective Ideal English Fluency Program.